In Business Since 1986

Services Offered:

Our focus is on our commitment to providing exceptional auto body service at reasonable rates to our valued customers. We take pride in hiring only trustworthy, knowledgeable technicians and staff that mirror our company's philosophy.

We want to gain customers that will be customers for life, not just for a one-time service. To keep your business, we know that we must deliver the highest quality service and a reasonable price.

Our Services:

  • Auto Repair Service:

    Most people only look for a KC Auto Inc when they have broken down or been in a major accident. When your car is broken down or in need of some major repairs, there’s no time to find out how reputable a company may be. Establishing a relationship with a
    professional KC Auto Inc before you need major repair or service will allow you to develop the kind of trust that will save you time and frustration when you have an emergency.

  • Towing:

    Auto repair services provide many different types of service. A professional KC Auto INC is always eager to assist you. If you have a more serious problem and are stuck, a KC Auto Inc offers towing to their shop where your car can be diagnosed and repaired by their qualified technical staff

    Towing may be available through a KC Auto Inc provides. If you are stranded on the road, some distance from your home, you want to ask your KC Auto Repair Service if they can provide towing to their shop. In addition, if you find your car won’t start, the towing service partnered with your local KC Auto Inc will come and check your car to make sure your battery is operational before they tow it to the shop. Often when a car won’t start in the morning they only need a battery jump to get started. The mechanic from your local KC Auto Inc doesn’t want to tow your car to the shop if there is a minor issue, such as gas or a battery that can put you on the road again

  • Repair:

    A professional KC Auto Inc provides a full-service garage for your make and model of vehicle. They have all of the equipment necessary to test and evaluate the problems of your car. Many cars that are made today depend on the computers and sensors in their motors. A professional KC Auto Inc always makes sure they are up to date with their testing and repair equipment that they use to test and evaluate the computers and sensors in your car.

    They are constantly updated on new techniques and products that will make your car run more efficiently and will extend the life of your car.

  • Customer Service:

    The staff of a professional KC Auto Inc will take time to answer your questions, make sure you are aware of when you need regular maintenance done to your car, and will let you know of any issues that you need to be aware The experts at your local KC Auto Inc will also tell you about any problems that may come up with your vehicle that do not need to be taken care of at that moment. And, when you have your regular maintenance done, the KC Auto Inc technician will let you know how you can extend the life of your car and what products will work best in your car.

    When you call a KC Auto Inc with concerns or questions they will be able to provide you with assistance. The KC Auto Inc staff pride themselves on being available to provide you the quality customer service that you expect when you call them.

    All of people working with your local KC Auto Inc will be able to answer your questions. If you call a KC Auto Inc they will be able to provide answers to your important questions .

  • Service Follow-Up:

    A competent KC Auto Inc technician will follow-up with you after a repair to make sure that your car is running smoothly and no new problems have arisen. A professional KC Auto Inc will have a garage that meets the needs of your specific make and model of vehicle, and they will provide the kind of customer service that will engender a long-term relationship.

    By creating a long term relationship with you, a KC Auto Inc will be aiming to maintain their standard for customer service. By developing a lasting relationship with the KC Auto Inc you won’t have to worry when your car breaks down suddenly or you need a repair done that may not be available through standard auto repair services. Your local KC Auto Inc technicians are always available to assist you and make sure that you are on the road again soon.


Our Location:

6105 E 21st St.
Tulsa, OK 74114

MON - FRI 7:00 A.M. - 5:30 P.M.

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